Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador

The Mission:

The Food Revolution is an ongoing, global campaign to provoke debate and inspire positive, meaningful change in the way we access, consume and understand food. Every May, we hold Food Revolution Day to celebrate success, raise awareness and invite more people, businesses and governments to join us!

FACT: We’re in the middle of a global health crisis. Right now, 41 million children under five are overweight, while another 159 million are too undernourished to grow properly. We’re failing our children and future generations by not arming them with the right food and skills they need to grow healthily and happily. 

Meaningful change is built from the ground up. We celebrate the joy of food, we educate people and communities to make better food choices and we inspire them to come together as one voice to lobby governments and businesses to make positive, lasting change. 

FACT: In the state of South Carolina alone 31% of our children are obese and 33% are undernourished*. That means two-thirds of our children in South Carolina live with nutritional problems and/or deficiencies.

Making the world healthy one child, one person at a time. It begins in the kitchen and the classroom. Educating our kids on the importance of nutrition while getting in the kitchen and taking action with real food.

*facts provided by US Census

You can get involved by

  • Campaigning for better school food policy and standards

  • Raising awareness through social media, blogging and recipe sharing

  • Fundraising and supporting Jamie’s projects or starting your own initiative

  • Supporting your local ambassador by volunteering at one of their events

Videography courtesy of Giovanni FIlms