It's all about nutrition...


With several nutritionist certifications under her belt,  Chef Tillie is able to offer her nutrition expertise to all of her clients. She is currently sitting for additional certifications to broaden her expertise. 


Chef Tillie currently works with several local doctor's offices as a nutritionist for their patients. She is qualified to create specialized plans and programs according to each individual's dietary, medical and nutritional needs.


After gaining some weight herself and not being able to take it off with exercise alone, Chef Tillie turned to pure nutrition and easily lost 42 pounds. She is now the healthiest she has felt in quite sometime and maintains her healthy lifestyle while wanting to share her knowledge with others. So whether it is weight loss, weight gain, food allergies or a medical condition she is here to help you gain control of your health!


As a high school varsity and national volleyball coach she has implemented a nutrition program for her athletes to follow so they are able to perform at their peak capacity and enhance their athletic training. 


As your personal nutritionist it is Chef Tillie's job to :

  • navigate clients through diet trends and misinformation

  • ma ke a positive impact on others' health

  • assess clients' health

  • formulate realistic & worthwhile goals for clients

  • support and motivate clients on their healthy journey

  • keep track of clients' progress 


Please contact us for more information. She is here to help you achieve your health goals!

Nutritional Plans

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