Hailing from the Pacific Northwest definitely had its perks before Chef Tillie was ever a professional chef. She became a food lover at a very early age and rightly so. She had the unique opportunity to experience the freshness of every ingredient that was at her family’s dinner table. She grew up and lived off of elk, deer, wild game birds and other wild game meat that was hunted, carved up and prepared along with her dad, uncles and all of the boys. They fished in streams with picturesque backdrops, they fished on lakes covered in ice, and she learned how to gut a fish at the age of 8. They hiked up a mountain to pick fresh huckleberries in the Summer with purple stained mouths carrying buckets filled to the brim. They foraged for mushrooms. They made their own wine. They often cooked using fire when electricity went out in Montana using their wood cookstove and of course when camping in the summers. Her beautiful & inspirational mother’s gorgeous bountiful garden was always filled with the most brilliant produce. So much of what Chef Tillie already knew about cooking and baking before culinary training, she learned from her talented mom--no one can bake a loaf of bread or a pie quite like Chef Tillie's mom can, absolute perfection. Both of her parents taught her to work for her food, appreciate where it came from, and reap the benefits from the hard work. So, you could quite easily say Chef Tillie experienced the farm to table lifestyle way before it was ever a trend--it is just part of her genetic makeup!

Now Chef Tillie continually reaches for her Pacific Northwest roots fusing it all together with fresh, gorgeous ingredients indicative to whatever area she visits and her French culinary background. She creates gorgeous, elegant dishes for her highly sought after dinner parties and clients.

She never imagined her career as a chef could launch her to the heights it has taken her. As a private chef to many legendary celebrities, she has had the rare opportunity to travel to spectacular destinations to cook for amazing people. She became a highly sought after nutritionist with several certifications to help anyone and everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle, beginning with her own based on science and experience. She is honored to be one of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassadors teaching all ages about the importance of real food and nutrition!! Supporting several charities locally, nationally, and internationally is very important to her philanthropic heart--importance of community and giving back is something her father instilled in her. She loves what she does, she is passionate about food, and she has the insatiable appetite to inspire others while doing it all!


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Chef Tillie