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Embark on Chef Tillie’s Culinary Tours for an unforgettable epicurean journey experiencing each of France’s beloved regions one at a time! Every single stop on the carefully curated itinerary will surround you in the local culture, rich history, and immersive encounters. From palate-pleasing meals and epic wine tastings to chef led cooking classes and delicious surprises, you will fall in love with the French way of life! Chef Tillie, in partnership with French Side Travel, will join you on the roads less traveled offering a unique perspective through the eyes of a chef on this dream destination for food lovers.


Additionally, if you only have a few days to spare, please be sure to check out Chef Tillie’s mini culinary tours throughout the United States!

March 2025 | 8 days-7 nights

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Mini Culinary Tours

Asheville, NC: 
3 days & 2 nights
July 2024

4 HERO_01 Asheville Skyline_Web72DPI_edited.jpg

Willamette Valley, OR: 
4 days & 3 nights
September 2024


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