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Imagine skipping the reservations and having a dinner party in the comforts of your own home. You get to take all of the credit and we do the work! From menu planning to set up and preparation, from serving each course to cleaning up--Chef Tillie's Dinner parties are a unique experience that will leave your guests in awe with delicious memories.


Formal plated dinners, buffet-style events, butler passed hors d’oeuvres, romantic meals for two, birthday parties, holidays, celebrations...basically any event you want to celebrate--we would love to be a part of it!

Be sure to ask about our party stylist and planning option if you are interested.

Imagine for a moment, arriving at your vacation destination with refreshing drinks and gourmet hors d'oeuvres waiting for you when you walk through the door. You would never have to experience the inconvenience of meal planning, restaurant reservations, cleaning the kitchen, or grocery shopping!! Upon arrival guests are greeted with freshly made cocktail and hors d'oeuvres ready to satisfy hungry travelers. You just won’t realize how much you will appreciate a vacation chef until you experience it. Being able to have better than restaurant quality meals would also save guests thousands of dollars over the course of a week. You get to focus on relaxing, exploring, de-stressing, and your family/guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen!


Chef Tillie carefully does all the work for you--prepares your meals, cleans up and then disappears for you to enjoy your privacy. You also have a personal nutritionist during your vacation so the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard to maintain will be easy to continue even though you are on vacation. 

Chef Tillie has been the destination chef to clients. Flying to Hawaii, California, Montana, New York, Oregon, Colorado, the East Coast, and the Caribbean to cook for anyone and everyone who would rather enjoy their vacation than spend time in the kitchen.


Please contact us for more information. Allow yourself to enjoy your vacation & let Chef Tillie do the work!


As a backstage chef, Chef Tillie works professionally, directly, and discreetly with production companies as well as agents either backstage, on set, or on location to provide her celebrity clients and their entire crew with everything from specific special requests to exact dietary needs always using fresh and local ingredient


Chef Tillie prides herself on delivering the very best service with attention to detail. With clients who spend so much time on the road her goal is to bring them a piece of home and comfort in her cuisine and presentation.

Please feel free to contact us for more details regarding this service.

...coming soon...

Chef Tillie started working as a private chef for one client then she began receiving multiple requests about providing meals for additional clients. It was at that time that she realized that she could be helping multiple families eat better all at once. Her personal chef services are not only a convenient and smart way to eat very well, but are a huge convenience to families on the go as well as busy professionals who do not have the time to cook or eat how they should be eating.


Chef Tillie creates fresh, delicious, healthy, customized meal in your home kitchen where she is able to prepare as many meals as you choose, which saves you both time and money starting with two simple options. There is a wide variety of meal options to choose from her extensive seasonal menus or requests are always welcome based on seasonal availability. Being a certified nutritionist, Chef Tillie is also able to cook for those with dietary restrictions. Each client is treated individually, so Chef Tillie customizes your menus to suit your family’s needs and make your life easier with your nutrition in mind!



Please contact us for more information. We are here to make your life easier and more nutritious!


As a certified nutritionist, Chef Tillie is able to offer her nutrition expertise to all of her clients. She is currently sitting for two certifications in addition to the three she currently has acquired. 


Chef Tillie has worked with several local doctor's offices as a nutritionist for their patients. She is qualified to create specialized plans and programs according to each individual's dietary, medical and nutritional needs. 


After gaining some weight herself and not being able to take it off with exercise alone, Chef Tillie turned to pure nutrition and easily lost 42 pounds. She is now the healthiest she has felt in quite sometime and maintains her healthy lifestyle while wanting to share her knowledge with others. So whether it is weight loss, weight gain, food allergies or a medical condition she is here to help you gain control of your health!

As your personal nutritionist it is Chef Tillie's job to :

  • navigate clients through all of the diet trends and misinformation

  • ma ke a positive impact on others' health

  • assess clients' health

  • formulate realistic & worthwhile goals for clients

  • support and motivate clients on their healthy journey

  • keep track of clients' progress 


Please contact us for more information and references. She is here to help you achieve your health goals!


Chef Tillie is an advocate in bringing food education to schools while fighting childhood hunger, obesity & disease with nutrition! She was chosen by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to be an ambassador to the Carolinas. While many efforts have been done to educate and equip children as well as parents, there is still much more work to be done! 

If you are interested in helping with Food Revolution events, please contact Chef Tillie to ask how to become a volunteer.


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