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The Perfect Getaway...

Imagine for a moment, arriving at your vacation destination with refreshing drinks and gourmet hors d'oeuvres waiting for you when you walk through the door. You would never have to experience the inconvenience of meal planning, restaurant reservations, cleaning the kitchen, or grocery shopping!! Upon arrival guests are greeted with freshly made cocktail and hors d'oeuvres ready to satisfy hungry travelers. You just won’t realize how much you will appreciate a vacation chef until you experience it. Being able to have better than restaurant quality meals would also save guests thousands of dollars over the course of a week. You get to focus on relaxing, exploring, de-stressing, and your family/guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen!


Chef Tillie carefully does all the work for you--prepares your meals, cleans up and then disappears for you to enjoy your privacy. You also have a personal nutritionist during your vacation so the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard to maintain will be easy to continue even though you are on vacation. 


Chef Tillie has been the private destination chef to several celebrity clients; flying to Hawaii, California, Montana, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Europe and the Caribbean to cook for anyone and everyone who would rather enjoy their vacation than spend time in the kitchen. 




1. Private bedroom & bathroom for the chef

2. Travel expenses (gas, airline, hotel, rental car accommodations)

3. 3 day minimum for services includes 3 meals per day depending on arrival and departure times with your personal chef working from 8 am to Noon then 4 pm to 9 pm each day

4. Cost of groceries plus per diem personal chef cost

5. Minimum/maximum number of guests

6. Date availability--please book far enough in advance to secure your dates.


Additional services are available. Please inquire about our:

Additional meals

Dinner Parties

Picnic Lunches

Sightseeing lunches/snacks

Cooking Classes

Themed Parties

Birthday or special occasion cakes

Wine Tastings

...and so much more!


So whether it be a trip to the islands or the beach, a European destination, camping in the mountains or a ski getaway let us help make your vacation memorable and delicious! The bigger the adventure the better!

Contact us directly for further information and customized vacation plans!


If you want to enjoy your special vacation to the fullest, leave the work to Chef Tillie and treat yourself: 

  • Chef Tillie customizes the menus specifically for you and your family/guests.

  • She does all the shopping at the local market buying only the freshest ingredients available, hand-picking them with her trained eyes and hands.

  • She creates delicious, healthy meals that you can look forward to eating on your own schedule if desired or as a sit down dinner for you and your family or guests.

  • As a nutritionist she is professionally trained to take into account any dietary and portion restrictions.

  • She is able to package and serve all materials conveniently if you prefer to warm up after a long day of sightseeing and she will label meals for easy thawing and reheating.

  • Beverages and snacks will be conveniently restocked as needed.

  • The kitchen is left sparkling clean from the oven to the pantry!

  • You will receive meal prep for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

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