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Beauty spotlight-Jade Roller

Every once in awhile I am going to showcase a product that I use and love because to me it is quite rewarding to support other wonderful businesses and entrepreneurs. Being a nutritionist with a firm belief in clean eating, I know that what you put in your body will radiate on the outside starting with your skin. The holistic approach to health has been proven to be the most beneficial--thinking of your body as a whole with all of the components working together. I have found an essential tool that I have placed in my arsenal of beauty products as a permanent staple.

The Jade Roller Beauty used to contour, stimulate, beautify, balance, and refine.

You will find the quality of the roller is very well done and the craftsmanship of the gorgeous gemstone is just exquisite.

I have used this beautifully crafted and innovative product religiously for about two weeks and on a personal level can already tell you:

1. It has quickly alleviated migraines that I am prone to.

2. It has alleviated pain in my jaw due to a past injury.

3. It has assisted in soothing my tear ducts/glands due to a past injury and surgery.

4. It has diminished dark circles and any puffiness under my eyes.

5. It has given my skin a smooth, healthy glow.

6. It has promoted healthy circulation and lymph node drainage in my neck area

7. It has left my face feeling refreshed after every use.

Not only am I a huge fan of this product but have discovered that the founder of this company, Leila Carter, is an absolute gem herself!

To add this essential beauty tool to your skincare routine click on

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