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Dorm Room Cooking

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

As Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador to South Carolina I had the honor of collaborating with several local schools to encourage students to seek out real food and how to prepare delicious healthy dishes. Although the ambassadorship program has now ended, I continue this passion partnering with schools and offering classes with demos to continue the fight for a healthier generation.As a certified nutritionist and professional chef I am able to offer informative cooking classes to all ages but am especially partial to my Dorm Room Cooking Class. Since I started these classes and programs almost 7 years ago, it has been rewarding to watch kids since their elementary school years grow up making conscious food choices and now embark on their college experience equipped with the basic tools and knowledge they need for nutritional success.

Feed your brain with proper nutrtion

The Class...

During my informative and hands-on class you will receive:

-Swag bag of useful items

-Mini Cookbooks with 25 essential recipes with space to add your own

-Creation of 5 different recipes during class

-Extensive list of easy to make snack for studying

-Knowledge to sharpen basic cooking skills before heading off to college

-List of pantry staples you will want to keep on hand

-Prize drawing after each class to win a mini appliance

The Necessities...

I have an extensive list of dorm room necessities on my Amazon page and will guide you through them in the cooking class. Be sure to check with your dorm to ensure items are allowed.

Below are my top 6 favorites with a recipe ideas for each one.

Mini Portable & Rechargeable Blender

This perfect little blender is ideal to whip up a fruit smoothie before class to with you. You can leave the base in your room to charge so it is ready for the next use. It even comes with a silicone mini ice cube tray that will fit perfectly in your mini fridge/freezer. Super easy to wash.

RECIPE IDEAS: smoothies galore, iced coffees, shakes, salsa, guacamole, pesto, applesauces, sauces to compliment your other recipes, ice cream, vinaigrettes...

Compact Air Fryer

Enjoy crispy food without the unhealthy fat! The rapid air circulation system uses 80% less oil achieving the same crispy results. Cut the calories and the time. Even comes with auto shut off.

RECIPE IDEAS: onion rings, roasted potatoes, crispy shaved brussels sprouts, chicken wings, avocado fries, sweet potato fries, kale chips, spring rolls, fried chicken, coconut shrimp, steak, chicken tenders, taquitos, emapanadas, kabobs, fish n chips, fried pickles, meatballs...the sky is the limit!!

Electric Kettle

This rapid boil kettle is a must have for busy students. Auto shut off and cool to the touch makes it safe and convenient.

RECIPE IDEAS: coffee (using french press), tea (when you feel a bit under the weather add lemon and honey just like mom does), oatmeal, soup, coucous, hot cocoa, and even boil an egg!

Electric Griddle

This mini nonstick griddle is versatile and so compact. Perfect for your dorm room.It heats up in just a few minutes and is ready for you to create your culinary delights.

RECIPE IDEAS: pancakes, eggs, bacon, burgers, grilled cheese, quesadillas, frittatas, breakfast sandwich, fajitas, reuben, omelette, avocado toast, pizza, and even cookies!

Instant Hot Pot

This multifunctional pot is a must have. Complete with temperature control, nonstick surface for easy cleanup, and safety features including non toxic surface. It even has a mini spatula and egg stand included so you can boil the perfect egg.

RECIPE IDEAS: ramen, soups, steak, chicken, stir fry, fried rice, eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, dumplings, chili, mac & cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, sauerkraut & kielbasa...the possibilities are endless!

Rice Cooker

This little appliance perfectly portions meals and meal prep. Ready for your creativity with a measuring scoop, rice paddle, and nonstick insert!

RECIPE IDEAS: soups, chili, flavored rice, macaroni & cheese, quinoa, grains, taco bowls, rice bowls, risotto, jambalaya, paella, curry, cake, polenta, bread...

Other necessities not pictured:

small cutting board and knife

can opener

vegetable peeler


small strainer

rubber scraper




jars with lids

eating utensils

french press for coffee

window herb garden

mini air popper

small microwave

mini fridge with freezer

Quick Tips...

1. Shop off campus for groceries. Farmers markets are the perfect way to buy in small quantities and support local.

2. Grow a mini window herb garden with basil, chives, and dill.

3. Save money by splitting costs with your roommate, quad-mates, or hall mates. Prep and split cost with study group.

4. Utilize your meal plan for ingredients and condiments in moderation.

5. Plan ahead by meal prepping and lock down your quick favorite recipes.

6. Register on Amazon for graduation using my list: #ad

(Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Feed your brain...

Ramen Noodle Bowls

These bowls will up your ramen game and leave you feeling satisfied with proper nutrition. Super easy and super tasty! Remember the more color the more nutrients! I used the mini instanthot pot to make this dish but you can also easily use the rice cooker or even the electric kettle!


1. Place raw egg in hot pot with stand that is included. Cover with cool water. Cover with lid and bring to a rolling boil. Boil egg until desired doneness--about 6-7 minutes for perfect soft center. Make several at once so you have some on hand for snacking, sandwiches, etc.

2. Empty hot pot and wipe clean. Pour in broth. Bring broth to a boil. Add the desired amount of noodles. The noodles will cook in 2 minutes. Unplug hot pot. Use tongs to remove noodles and place in mug or bowl.

3. Place bok choy in hot broth for two minutes. Remove and add to noodles. Top noodles with remaining veggies and sliced soft boiled egg (or you can easily fry an egg in the hot pot if you prefer). Pour hot broth over top of mixture.

4. If you would like to add a protein heat hot pot up again and prepare protein of your choice.

5. To finish squeeze lemon or lime wedge over the top of the broth with soy sauce, sesame seeds. Even try a little freshly grated ginger and chopped cilantro if you wish.

Bon Appetit!!


Want more delicious recipes? Sign up for Chef Tillie's dorm room cooking class today! Group discounts available!


Go to our Instagram page @cheftillie for a chance to win a Compact Air Fryer just like the one pictured above from Dash!! Contest will begin on November 11th and will end on November 15th. See Instagram page for rules.

Schedule your cooking class...

Book your dorm room cooking class today! Contact us at or 831.318.1506

Catch us on Charlotte Today WCNC Channel 36

Thank you Dash for the amazing appliances and for your mission to "unprocess" food. With quality products, Dash helps people improve their health and wellness.

à votre santé,

Chef Tillie

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