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Apple & Kale Salad

1 cup

Unsalted Pepitas

1 Tbsp.


1 cup

Pomegranate Arils

1 Tbsp.

Kosher Salt

1 cup



Diced Avocados

1 cup

Fresh Lemon Juice

8 cups

Chopped Kale


Small Red Onion


Diced Granny Smith Apples

Prep Time
10-15 minutes
Cooking Level
Serving Size
Serves 8
(1 cup)

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This is one of my favorite nutrient rich salads that I offer to my clients during their cleanse days. It is a super simple recipe and the technique to prepare the kale is key.



Remove stalks from kale and wash thoroughly. Roughly chop kale into smaller pieces and place in a large serving bowl. Sprinkle kale with the EVOO & Kosher Salt. Massage kale for about 3 minutes until it turns a darker green and is no longer firm to the touch. Set aside.

Be sure to wash apples thoroughly. Half apples and remove seeds with core. I like to leave the apple peel on because it contains most of the apple's fiber, several important minerals, AND something called ursolic acid--an important fat fighting compound. Dice the apples into bite-size pieces and put in separate bowl; pour 1/2 cup of the freshly squeezed lemon juice over the top of diced apples to prevent oxidization. Set aside.

Remove pit from avocado, peel and discard the skin. Dice the avocado into bite-size pieces and put in separate bowl; pour the other 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice over the top of diced avocados to prevent oxidization. Set Aside.


Remove pomegranate arils, or seeds, from the fruit and also add to kale mixture. To remove the arils, cut the pomegranate in half horizontally and hit the skin side of the fruit with a wooden spoon while holding the cut side in the palm of your hand (fingers spread out). The arils should come out easily with a firm whack. If you get a few little pieces of the white pomegranate membrane in with them, just pick it out before adding to the kale mixture. Depending on the season this ingredient can be substituted for sliced strawberries, raspberries, or huckleberries.

Dice the red onion and add to the prepared kale. Add the unsalted pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds) to the salad. Add the apples and avocados including the lemon juice they have been soaking in. Lightly toss the salad. When tossing be sure not to mash the ingredients together. Crumble the feta cheese over the top of the salad (optional).


Note: If you would like to add some extra protein, top with grilled chicken breasts or wild salmon.

(per 1 cup serving)

Calories - 398

Carbohydrates/Dietary Fiber - 30.7g/9.3g

Sugars - 10g

Proteins - 16.5g

Sodium - 250mg

Glycemic Index - 9

*nutrition facts include feta cheese

Apple Kale Salad
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