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Welcome to my table...

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

As I embark on this new blog experience, my genuine hope is that I am able to

  • Share my expertise, knowledge, and an occasional recipe

  • Offer support and provide encouragement

  • Emulate positivity with occasional humor and wit

  • Assist in navigation through the vast maze of misinformation referring to nutrition

  • Entertain with a bit of creativity

I am a firm believer that food brings people together, no matter what your background, religion, political views, or preconceived ideas might be. Food should nourish our souls and be enjoyed with all of the senses; it breaks down barriers and strengthens connections. Around my table you will hear laughter and engage in lively conversations, break bread with someone from every walk of life, and leave feeling nourished.

Food brings people together...

~Ah, meal you sit and stare at your pantry like a deer starting at the headlights of an oncoming car or brace yourself as you take a quick whiff of the questionable takeout containers in your fridge in order to estimate the expiration dates?? Failure to plan is setting yourself up for ...wait for it... failure! The cliché rings true people.

~Are you allowing stress to rent space in your head? Evict it! Train yourself to relax and breathe. Choose your battles wisely and know in the end (if deep down you are a good, honest person) you will be just fine. Make amends because life is far too short. Allow karma to sort it all out for you! Stay mentally healthy to achieve your goals and separate yourself from toxicity.

~Tired of being tired, feeling out of shape? I will give you tips on how to boost your metabolism and adapt a workout routine to your lifestyle and busy schedule! Impossible you say? I promise you it's easier than you think!

~Does nutrition seem like rocket science? Well it is science, but it doesn't have to be so daunting, in fact, it is really quite simple. I can help guide you through the maze of diet fads and gimmicks using facts and beautiful science.

~Does the thought of reading through a recipe and creating food make you cringe with fear? Making your own food doesn't have to be so traumatic or difficult! The best recipes often times have the fewest ingredients and you don't have to be a professional chef to create something delicious right in your own kitchen.

Healthy living and balance are attainable.

Lighten up! A healthy mind, body, and soul doesn't have to be so hard!!!! I can assure you I will go on and on about meal planning tips, nutrition, recipes, beauty tips, workouts, share travel adventures, pro tips, general health, interviews, favorite finds, and so much more. I feel as though my purpose is to make a positive impact on others' health and share some nuggets I have discovered along the way while promoting others from time to time and incorporating some amazing organizations that I am passionate about.

Welcome to my table. A vôtre santé!

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