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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Meaningful change is built from the ground up. As Food Revolution Ambassadors for Jamie Oliver we are a team that is united all over the world by celebrating REAL food:

  • We educate people and communities to make better food choices to ensure proper nutrition and alleviate unnecessary food waste.

  • We encourage ethical buying by supporting food that has been responsibly produced and protect sustainability by caring for our planet both commercially and domestically.

  • We try to inspire others to come together as one voice to lobby governments and businesses to make positive, lasting change. 

  • We teach others to cook from scratch while empowering people to appreciate the value of food.

This organization is so near and dear to my heart with such passion that I mimic these values in my daily lifestyle and within my own family in order to set an example for the young people around me. I continually encourage families to get in the kitchen to cook with their kids. While in South Carolina I had the amazing opportunity to get into the schools with the fantastic support of the awesome administration to teach the kids about nutrition and cooking. As a volleyball coach and nutritionist I was able to teach young adults the importance of what they put in their bodies from a scientific and performance standpoint.

I am still just as inspired to continue with this movement in our new community in gorgeous Washington state. Be on the lookout for upcoming events and information right here on the website as well as all social media outlets. Stay connected by clicking on our social media links at the bottom of the page.

I also highly recommend Jamie Oliver's

new cookbook 5 Ingredients--essential for the busy home. He keeps it easy, healthy, and flavor that packs punch with effortless recipes combining only 5 different ingredients to create a delicious gourmet meal.

Just a fun flashback at a couple of Food Revolution Day events in SC:

(by Ed Sheeran)

If you live in the Pacific NW near Seattle please feel free contact me to see how you can join the revolution!! To find the food revolution ambassador in your area contact and they will connect you with your local ambassador!

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